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Outdoor Summer Party


At Gnostic, we're not just a bar and restaurant; we're the crew that brings the party to your family gatherings. Whether it's the joy of a wedding, the solemnity of a funeral, or the celebration of a communion, we've got your back with catering that's all about good vibes and great flavors.

Your Event, Your Way: Bespoke Menus for Every Occasion

Let's talk menus – and not just any menus. We're talking about menus that match the vibe of your event. From the sizzle of a BBQ to the spectacle of hog roasting, our catering is tailor-made for your family's taste buds.

Hog Roasting and BBQ Extravaganza

Picture this: the aroma of a hog roast or the sizzle of a BBQ wafting through the air. That's the kind of magic we bring to your family events. Our spin-around hog roaster and BBQ setups are all about turning your gathering into a feast that'll have everyone talking.

Bar Vibes

The bar is where the heart of the party is, right? Our mobile bar, complete with a mixologist who's a cocktail wizard, is ready to pour some serious fun into your event. From craft cocktails to fresh pints, we've got the drinks covered.

From Coffee & Pastries to a Full-Fledged Kitchen on Wheels

Whether you're in the mood for a laid-back tea and coffee corner with pastries or dreaming of a full kitchen on wheels dishing out gourmet goodness, we've got the flexibility to match your family's unique style.

For Every Milestone: Weddings, Communions, Funerals, and Everything In Between

From "I do's" to "farewell for now," we're here for all your family milestones. Weddings, communions, funerals – you name it, we cater for it. Gnostic brings the casual charm and culinary delights to make your family events truly memorable.

Ready to turn your family gathering into a flavour-filled celebration? Let's make it happen! Reach out to us, and let's start planning the kind of family event that becomes a story told for generations. Because at Gnostic, it's not just catering; it's about creating moments that matter.

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