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Guess what? We're not just a bar and restaurant – we're your go-to crew for bringing the party straight to you. Picture this: your favourite drinks, our full bar on wheels, and a whole lot of good times. Welcome to the Gnostic way of doing things!

Rolling Bars & Bottomless Fun

Need a bar that comes to you? Look no further. Our mobile bar is not just a bar; it's a whole vibe on wheels. Crafted cocktails, chilled vibes, and all the good stuff – we've got your back.

Ice Sculptures: Cool, Quirky, and Insta-Worthy

Want to level up your party aesthetics? Cue the ice sculptures. We're not just serving drinks; we're serving them in style. Imagine the clink of glasses against a backdrop of frozen art – it's the kind of cool your party deserves.

Cocktail Masterclasses: Sip and Shake Like a Pro

Ever wanted to be the master of mixology? Well, now you can. Our cocktail masterclasses are where the magic happens. Learn the art of crafting the perfect cocktail and become the hero of your own soirée. Spoiler alert: it's way more fun than your typical party trick.

Bespoke Menus: Your Taste, Your Rules

Let's talk menus – but let's keep it personal. Our bespoke menus are all about you. Whether you're into classic concoctions or daring drinks, we've got the lineup to match your vibe.

Brand Support & Marques: Because You're a VIP

Planning a branded bash? We've got your back. From personalised menus to branded glasses, we can turn your event into a VIP experience that screams 'you.'


Ready to turn your place into the hottest party spot in town? We're just a click away. Let's chat about how Gnostic can roll in and turn your shindig into a legendary affair. Because when it comes to parties, we don't just bring the bar – we bring the whole shebang! Cheers to good times!

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